We all know Happy Joe's pizza. Founded by Lawrence Joseph "Happy Joe" Whitty, the pizza chain has now over 60 locations. Joe was loved by many and is a true icon in the Quad Cities. Happy Joe passed away in October of 2019 at the age of 82. While his legacy continues with his beloved pizza restaurant chain, Whitty's Davenport is ready to belong to a new owner.

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Lawrence Joseph "Happy Joe" Whitty was born September 10, 1937, in Minot, North Dakota, according to his obituary. He moved to the Quad Cities in 1966 with his family where he worked at Super Value Bakery and later worked as a supervisor and manager at Shakey’s Pizza. While cooking at Shakey's, Joe had the idea to combine pizza and ice cream.

From there, the idea for Happy Joe's, a family and kid-friendly pizza and ice cream restaurant was born. Joe opened the first Happy Joe’s in the Village of East Davenport on November 16, 1972.  He also was the innovator behind the Iowa Machine Shed and Grandma Whitty’s Cookies.

Joe and the Whitty family roots were officially grown in the Quad Cities. Happy Joe moved to the home at 2460 E 60th Street in Davenport and after his passing on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, his Davenport home is now up for sale.

Happy Joe's home sits on over 25 acres of land. It has several outbuildings, a horse barn with 6 stalls, a rental home, and many more amenities. The home itself is over 3,000 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, and 3 car garage. There is also a 2 car garage detached from the home.

It's currently listed at $1.195 million with Dennis Stolk at Ruhl & Ruhl. Let's take a look inside where the happiest man, Happy Joe, lived.

Happy Joe's Davenport Home

A Davenport home is for sale that was owned by a Quad Cities icon. Joe Whitty, also known as Happy Joe, passed away in October of 2019. His $1.195 million Davenport home is for sale and it could be yours. With 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 25 acres of land, this home will make you happy like Happy Joe.

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