Are you ready for the biggest Sunday night concert of the decade? Paired with a little football? Get your drinks up!

It's that time again, football season is coming to a close, but not without a super huge game and an even huger performance in the middle.

That means, it's time for our annual unofficial Big Game Halftime Drinking Game!

For years I've been working on these drinking game scenarios for the biggest football game of all, and this year's drinking rules are more fun than ever because details about this show have been kept very hush-hush.

As always, you play with your cocktail of choice! Or maybe some lemonade, or water or even do jumping jacks or squats instead of taking a drink, you do you.

Michelle's Rihanna Halftime Drinking Game

Take one drink...

  • if we hear the song, 'Umbrella'
  • if Rihanna is wearing mostly black
  • if someone at your party says, 'she's from Barbados!'
  • if the kids at your party get up and dance within the first minute
  • if Rihanna is rocking a bunch of diamonds while singing 'Diamonds'

Take two drinks...

  • if Jay-Z introduces Rihanna to kick off the show
  • if a dad at your party asks if Rihanna is Beyonce...
  • if you order Fenty beauty products while you're watching the game
  • if Jim Parsons is at the game

Finish your drink...

  • if ASAP Rocky gets to perform alongside his baby mama
  • if Shakira finds her way on stage to talk about her financial troubles and also sing her duet with Ri-Ri, 'Can't Remember to Forget You'
  • if Rihanna sings a new song and announces a tour

Finish all the drinks at your party if...

  • if Drake shows up to duet with his former love
  • if Kanye and Paul McCartney show up for a super version of 'fourfiveseconds'
  • if Rihanna reveals her baby's name during the show
  • if you don't want to wake up Monday morning


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