The City of Bettendorf is getting ready to celebrate a very special day, Zip Code Day! This Friday is May 27th, 2022, or abbreviated, 5-27-22 which is Bettendorf's zip code. Ahead of Bettendorf's Zip Code Day, the Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Department asked students from Pleasant Valley and Bettendorf high schools to create videos on TikTok highlighting the town.

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The Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Department wanted to get the kids involved in the festivities for Bettendorf's Zip Code Day. Bettendorf's Parks and Recreation Social Media Coordinator, Jay Foster, came up with the idea to have students from both Pleasant Valley High School and Bettendorf High School create videos on the social media platform, TikTok, showing off the town.

Students from the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes from both BHS and PVHS created TikToks highlighting businesses, landmarks, and other places in the city of Bettendorf. Jay Foster had only one rule when it came to creating these videos: You have to use the music.

As Jay explains to Bettendorf Mayor, Bob Gallagher, when it comes to zip codes, there is only one song that comes to mind and that's the theme song to the hit 90s television show, Beverly Hills, 90210.

But the kids didn't make these videos just for fun. They also made these videos to be better than their classmates. At the end of this article, there are links for both Pleasant Valley and Bettendorf high schools to vote for which class made the best TikTok for Bettendorf's Zip Code Day.

Watch the videos below and cast your vote for which class at each school has the best TikTok:

Pleasant Valley Freshmen Class

Pleasant Valley Sophomore Class

Pleasant Valley Junior Class

Pleasant Valley Senior Class

Bettendorf Freshmen Class

Bettendorf Sophomore Class

Bettendorf Junior Class

Bettendorf Senior Class

How To Vote For Your Favorite TikTok

Voting is open for both Bettendorf High School and Pleasant Valley High School. Click on each button below to vote for your favorite TikTok from either the freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior class from each school.

Bettendorf's Zip Code Day celebrating 5-27-22 (the town's zip code) is this Friday. A full list of events celebrating the occasion can be found at

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