Former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL Minnesota Vikings football player Chad Greenway is making his handcrafted vodka, Gray Duck, available to Iowa.

Greenway and his three partners first brought the Minnesota based vodka to markets in Minnesota and the Dakotas in August of 2018.  They have partnered up with Johnson Brothers Liquor Company for distribution in Iowa and it can be found at Pints in Davenport, Harrington's Pub in Bettendorf and Eleven17 in the East Village.

"Everybody has been asking about it. It is going to sell extremely well to football fans and the University of Iowa fans." said Brad Kent, Wine and Spirits Manager at Hy-Vee on Devil's Glen in Bettendorf. "Not too mention, it is really good."

The vodka's name is a hybrid of the children's game Duck, Duck, Goose and a 2017 touchdown celebration the Vikings performed in a 2017 game against the Chicago Bears.

I grew up in South Dakota playing the kids' game Duck, Duck, Goose.  But in Minnesota, all four of my kids play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck- Greenway told the Des Moines Register

It became a national talking point about how Minnesota is the only state in the country that plays Duck, Duck, Gray Duck,and it's something that Minnesotans are proud of and hold dearly.  So we wanted to name our product that is sourced here, made here and partially bottled here after something that is very Minnesotan, so we went with Gray Duck

"It is going to be a huge seller for us.  Seems like a lot of people have been excited about it.  My wife is a HUGE Hawkeye fan so I will be purchasing some myself for our home because I love my wife," said Aaron Luna, Wine and Spirits Manager at Hy-Vee on West Locust in Davenport.

Gray Duck will have a launch party on April 18th from 8-10 at St. Burch Tavern in Iowa City.  Greenway will be in attendance to sign bottles for fans.

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