On Monday, April 1st, of this week, the ESPN show HIGH NOON played a trick on ESPN sports radio talk show host Will Cain.  The Will Cain show airs Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm CST immediately after Don't Hassle Us We're Local on ESPN 93.5 FM.

Will thought he was filling in for host Bomani Jones, who is a co-host with Pablo Torres.  After they exchanged pleasantries and introductions, Cain was hit with the brunt of the April Fool's joke.

One site, Deadspin.com, found the prank to be hilarious because they don't care much for Will Cain.

"The premise of the joke was that Cain, the inexplicably smug Tucker Carlson wannabe who has said climate change fears are “intellectually dishonest” and was ready to defend Trump’s Muslim ban on ESPN, was going to fill in for Bomani Jones on Jones’s show with Pablo Torre, High Noon. Cain and Torre get through most of the intro banter—Will is just so excited to be hosting a TV show—and then Bomani pops up.


Now that is a satisfying April Fools’ Day joke."

A rival site to Deadspin, thebiglead.com, thought that the whole thing was a work and the Will Cain, of course, was in on the joke.

"The obvious tell that it was staged was that it’s hard to believe Will would not have seen Bomani there. Bomani pops up at the 38-second mark. Unless this was some Harry Potter magic or there’s a trap door on the High Noon just in case this type of opportunity ever arose, there’s not exactly anywhere Bomani could’ve been hiding."

You be the judge.  Was Will Cain upset about the April Fool's Day prank or was in on the rib the whole time?

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