During a fast and furriest eating contest between Raina Huang and two giant rabbits, the eaters fought till the end, and Huang won by a hare..... Just kidding, these rabbits did not seem to carrot all.

Ok ok, the puns are over, but seriously, these rabbits did not care to compete.

Raina Huang has been competitively eating for four years. Her competitors, 20 pound Honey Mega Bunny and Precious the giant rabbit have been eating lettuce their whole life. At the Chop Stop Competition in Glendale California, Huang managed to eat 3.5 pounds of chopped salad in 10 minutes, at the same time, team bunny containing Honey and Precious the rabbits, manage to eat absolutely nothing.

The competition started out with just one rabbit. Honey the bunny vs Raina Huang the competitive eater.

Most people expected Honey the bunny to chow down like this:


But instead, she was looking like this:


Honey froze in front of the giant plate of lettuce and didn't eat a single shred. Organizers decided to bring out a second rabbit named Precious to help Honey eat her big plate. Precious failed to eat a single leaf.

The owner of the Giant Flemish rabbits, Louis Moses, was not surprised by the rabbit's performance.

New York Post

Huang, comments that she wasn't worried about the rabbits eating. “It was more of like a challenge to myself. When I do contests and challenges, usually I don’t really pay attention too much to what competitors do. I think the best for me is just to see the best of what I can do,” she said. New York Post.

Raina Huang, the professional competitive eater, was declared the winner of the 10-minute salad eating competition.

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