Whether you are a Rocky fan, a Creed fan, a boxing fan or a virtual reality gaming fan, this Saturday Paradigm Davenport is the place to be.  Paradigm is hosting a virtual reality tournament that puts you into the ring to fight against other real life opponents.  There are real punches thrown but no real blows will land to the body or the chin.

Being a HUGE Rocky fan, I could not wait to play this game.  The good folks down at Paradigm put the Vive Pro head set on me, gave me the hand held controllers and sent me into a VR fight.  Of course I was geeked out to be playing a Rocky type game but quickly that excitement faded into exhaustion as I was in an incredible fight with this guy...

Creed: Rise To Glory
Creed: Rise To Glory

I won. But, man, what a workout! I had a blast and can't wait to "fight" on Saturday.

On December 29th, Paradigm is going to put together a tournament of up to 32 competitors to fight for a prize- a speed bag and 50% of the entry fee to the winner.  Paradigm is going to put the Vive Pro head set on you and strap HPZ computer backpack on you and then put you in their Roaming VR Arena against your opponent.  Some of the featured matches will be streamed LIVE to their Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer channels with real life commentators!

Think you are "Gonna Fly Now"VR Fitness Insider has some tips for you if you want to win it all.

To register for the tournament click here Creed Tournament Sign Up.  You can always register in person, if the tournament is not full.  $20 is the entry fee.  Check-In is on Saturday between 10:30 - 11:00.  The tournament is set to begin at noon.  It is a single elimination tournament.

For more information go to there Paradigm's website (link at top of page) or go to their Facebook Event Page.

My prediction for tomorrow? "Pain."

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