Heading into the weekend, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is, it's a long weekend! The bad news is, there's quite a bit of rain in the weekend forecast.

In fact, according to KCRG, experts are saying the Mississippi has the potential to rise up past flood levels again, to 18 feet before May is over.  So, as a precautionary measure, Davenport crews have put up barriers once again.

Here's the thing: it's the same HESCO barrier that flood waters broke through last month. City  officials are  confident though, especially because, after an investigation by the barrier's manufacturer, it was determined that the barrier itself was not to blame.

According to KCRG's report, Davenport's public works department has already spent over $1 million on fighting floods this spring.

Here's hoping the waters don't get quite as bad again. Or, if they do, fingers crossed that the barrier holds.

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