I've never been one to believe in apocalypse prophecies. Still, when there's a mysterious "fireball" in the sky, I'm going to get nervous. And no, I don't mean the sun. (Although, to be fair, there were several months in the Quad Cities where that was a crazy sight).

No, this fireball was at night, making it all the more ominous. According to KWQC, Davenport residents spotted it overhead on Thursday, right around 9:30 p.m., and it hung around for roughly three minutes or so.

Some officials suggested it might be part of the Perseid meteor shower that typically passes through in mid-July to August. But Janice Blanche-Fisher, who reported her sighting to KWQC, said it didn't match any meteors she's seen before.

So what do we think it is? Meteor? Satellite? Dr. Evil escaping in a giant Big Boy statue? There really are a lot of possibilities here. But the most important question is; will it come back?!

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