The "Manning Cast" for ESPN's alternative to the Monday Night Football broadcast is the best thing to happen to MNF since Dennis Miller-- pause-- maybe not.  Let's be honest, we have titled it "Manning Night Football" on Don't Hassle Us We're Local and we know that is a better name.  I can't believe they don't call it this.  Anyway...

Overall, the 4 weeks that Peyton and Eli Manning have been on the air have been an incredible asset to watching Monday Night Football and an incredible boost in ratings for ESPN-- viewership has increased and is reported to be the highest since 2016.  Do you know what else is incredible?


Every time Peyton and Eli have had a current NFL player on Manning Night Football, that player's team loses an NFL game the next week.

Take a look...

  • WEEK 1 TRAVIS KELCE- KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: In Week 2 the Chiefs lost a wacky-ending regulation thriller to the rebounding Ravens 36-35.
  • WEEK 1- RUSSELL WILSON- SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Lost in an incredible overtime game against the Tennessee Titans.
  • WEEK 2 ROB GRONKOWSKI- TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Gronk and his Bucs team got ripped by the Rams 34-24 in Week 3.
  • WEEK 3 MATTHEW STAFFORD- LOS ANGELES RAMS: In Stafford's worst game of 2021 season, he threw for 280 yards and 2 TDs with an interception-- averaging 6.8 yards per attempt. Los Angeles lost badly to Arizona, 37-20, for its only defeat of the season.
  • WEEK 7 TOM BRADY- TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Tampa Bay needs to stop answering the phone when Manning Night Football producers call to have any of their players on.  Brady and the Bus had 1:41 to score a go ahead touchdown-- instead the GOAT threw a PICK 6 to seal the win for the Saints 36-27.


This past Monday, the Manning brothers had Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen on the cast and they play at the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday.


If you are like me, you are still alive in your NFL Survivor Pools and MAYBE you still have the Bills available (I do) and MAYBE you don't want to use them in Week 10 at the New York Jets but also MAYBE you don't have them available and you want the rest of your pool to crumble with a Bills loss.

Either way-- the Manning Cast Curse will either be over on Sunday or it will destroy NFL Survivor Pools and I am all in for it.


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