Turns out we may have more alike with professional athletes than we think.

Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy came into the season weighing well above what coaches and executives thought he should be at, and he faced scrutiny about it all year long.

So, now Lacy is going to try something millions of people are doing to lose weight and get in shape...P90X!

Well, kind of.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy told Lacy he MUST lose weight before next season or he'll be benched.  Lacy's representatives have been in contact with P90X creator Tony Horton about being the RB's personal trainer this offseason.

Evidently, Horton's role will be more than just a conditioning coach.  He'll reportedly also be Lacy's nutritionist.

Only time will tell if Lacy can cut the weight or if he'll be watching from the sidelines next year.