The NBA All Star Game will be played on Sunday at the United Center in Chicago.  Although the NBA All Star weekend has been on a ratings decline, this game will be one of the most watched NBA All Star Games since the return of Magic Johnson after his announcement of contracting the HIV virus in 1991.

With the passing of Kobe Bryant and the changes to the NBA All Star Game, viewership is sure to be up from the previous years.  Recently, the NBA has tried to peak interest in the game by having the top 2 players who received the most votes "draft" players to their respective teams.

In 2018, Steph Curry and LeBron James drafted their teams and LeBron's team went on the win 178-164.  In 2019, James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the "Greek FreaK" drafted their teams on LIVE television to spark even more interest in the game- it didn't.  LeBron's drafted team won that game 178-164.

This year, both James and Giannis again voted as captains, they have changed the format of the game. To read more about the changes click here.

What we are here for you is to find out what the best bet is for YOU!

Despite the TOTAL climbing from 299.5 to a whopping 306 on Sunday alone, we still like the UNDER. Here is why....

Any time there is a change in the way a game is played it takes time to get used to.  Under the new "draft" format the TOTAL of the whole game was 293.  The TOTAL after 3 Quarters was 221.

Last year, however, the TOTAL of the final score was 342.  The TOTAL after 3 Quarters was 263.

If the thought process is that the leading team will not want to blow "the first to plus 24 lead" and put the game away.

Finally, don't think there will be a lot of scoring from one individual.  Actually think there will be more defense.  The winner of the NBA ALL STAR GAME MVP AWARD will win the brand new named KOBE BRYANT MVP AWARD.

There you have it.  Bet the UNDER 306 for the game today.

Also, like Team Giannis +6.


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