The dead are still walking...on TV.  But what if they walked among us?  Would you survive?

If 2023 was the year of the Zombie Apocalypse would there be a city in Illinois that could help you survive?  You would think the best place to be would be out in the middle of the forest isolated from the brain-seeking undead.  So clearly the best place to be wouldn't be a large city in the USA.

The Walking Dead Are Back


The smash hit TV show The Walking Dead is preparing for yet another spinoff.  There are a lot of zombies and some people still fighting their way out of the fictional zombie wasteland.

The new show, "The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon" has inspired the folks at to break down what it would take to survive the zombie apocalypse and find the best cities in America to survive.

If you are looking at Zombies like in "Zombieland" we might be in trouble.  Fast moving  Hard to take down.  Need to double-tap.  But if they were Zombies like in Shaun of the Dead we could just hold up in a pub for a while and those slow-moving zombies wouldn't stand a chance.

2023's Best Cities For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

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When the zombie apocalypse happens it won't be the dead coming back to life.  It will be the living that changes into monsters.  Like "Last of Us" style...mushroom people.

So where should you be living to survive?  Overall, Texas is a good state.  Houston (ranked number 1 in the country), Austin, and San Antonio all fall in the top 10.  The "study" says Texas has great access to hardware stores and shooting ranges/hunting stores.  The state also has a large military community and ranks high in supplies and protection.

Meanwhile, Florida is the place you want to avoid when the walking dead take over... isn't that already happening in that state?

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The study looked at the share of the population in good/bad health.  Highest and lowest walk share.  Homes with bunkers.  The amount of hunting and grocery stores.  And more factors that could help you survive.

The One Way You Are Safer In Chicago Than Other Places


Yeah sure, Chicago might be one of the most dangerous cities in America for the living, but it's a good place to be when the living dead are around.

Chicago ranks 9th overall in the country as a place to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  Sure, they rank 165 in vulnerability, but this is about survival.  The windy city is 17th in hideouts, 5th in supplies, 20th in protection, and 23rd in mobility.

I believe all of those...except the mobility.  Have you been in Chicago traffic lately?  It takes forever no matter where you go.  If you are surviving by moving, you're dead.  If you are surviving by fighting, then you have a chance.  Chicago knows how to fight and is thoroughly armed.

Good luck to all when the zombies start coming for your brains.  Just remember, beware of bathrooms and always wear your seatbelt.

Check out the full breakdown below and at

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