It seems like the "Hawkeye Wave" or "Kinnick Wave" (whatever you want to call it) has been around forever.  But it was only in 2017 when it started to take off.

The crowd, the players (including the opposing team) and the officials take time to acknowledge the kids bravely fighting their own battles in the Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City.

For a while they would play "Wave on Wave" by Pat Green then they decided to take a vote on which song should be played.

Then they figured it out.

Someone came up with the best idea.  Since 2009, they've had "Kid Captains" where they and their families get a special behind-the-scenes tour. This year, they've decided that the Kid Captain gets to pick which song is played during the Hawkeye Wave.

About Eli

According to Iowa News Now, Eli "was diagnosed with a rare bone disease, CRMO in 2019. He was treated for the disease but did not get any better so his medical team did more tests until he was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma high risk, cancer that develops from immature nerve cells typically in children 5 years old and younger.

He has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove tumors, stem cell harvest, and transplants. He has been in remission for two years."

We'll be celebrating with you, Eli.

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