We've set a lot of records in the last few months. Most are weather-related, and have subsequently caused massive problems. But Iowa now holds another record, and this one is way more disgusting.

According to KWQC, Iowa is the number one producer of fecal matter per mile. In less scientific terms — there's a lot of poop in Iowa.

To be specific, as any good study is, Iowa's population, both human and animal, produce as much fecal waste per square mile as a human population of 2979 people.

The findings were discovered by Chris Jones, a research engineer in the water quality monitoring and research division at the University of Iowa's IIHR Hydroscience & Engineering department.

It makes sense, given the booming farming and livestock industry in the state. Iowa placed ahead of Delaware, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania, in that order. Still, it's not exactly something I would brag about.

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