Do you know a mom who fits the bill for Irish Mother of the Year? Growing up on the south side of Chicago I do. There was Mrs. Murphy, who didn't like me hanging around her daughter Mary in second grade. These days I see Mary shepherding her own kids to Irish dance lessons and playing Irish Football on Facebook. There was Mrs. McDonnell who treated the Creighton's like we were her family and always sent me home with a tin of cookies. Then there is my school mate Bridget whose so Irish her family calls Ireland Home.

All of these women tick all the boxes for the type of woman the St. Patrick's Society is looking to crown Irish Mother of the Year. According to the Quad City Times, nominees should be involved in family, community, church, have a good sense of humor and take pride in her Irish heritage.

Luckily most of the Irish mom's I know don't live in the Quad Cities. So you can nominate an Irish mom you know to wear the crown. All you need to do to nominate someone is write a short nomination letter to the St. Patrick's Society around 150 words and send it to them here:  St. Patrick Society, to the attention of the Irish Mother Nomination, P.O. Box 4487, Davenport, IA 52808.

By the way, the Irish Mother of the Year is expected to attend the St. Patrick's Society Gathering of the Clan luncheon on Friday March 16th and attend the Grand Parade and post parade bash on Saint Patrick's Day.


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