Since kids seem to have a superpower for finding all the goodies you've stashed in the back of the cupboard, so Oreo is helping you take things to the next level.

They've just announced a new "Protection Program," designed to hide Oreo Thins from your family using camouflaged packaging.  They still say "Oreo Thins" on the front, but the sides look different, so you can stack them wherever you'd want to hide them:  The cupboard, the freezer, the closet, or in the car.

The sides of the package make the Oreos look like:  A cookbook . . . a package of frozen vegetables . . . a pack of t-shirts . . . and a car owner's manual.  For now, they're only available through an online sweepstakes.

But they aren't the first to try this sort of thing.

Back when I was in Boy Scouts I took the time to meticulously take off the cover of my wrestling magazines and rubber cemented them onto my fathers Playboys.

Yeah, I was that kid.  Our scout leaders thought we were reading about the Hulkster but really we were reading the "articles" and trying to make sure the centerfold didn't fall out in an inopportune time.

The issue I came across was they wanted to actually read the wrestling magazines.  I should've brought a few real ones because it looked awful suspicious when I wouldn't let the younger kids read about Macho Man.  Turns out we were checking out Miss Elizabeth.

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