Lee Ann Walker last played professional golf in 2008.  The current South Carolina real estate agent spent 13 years on the LPGA.  Lee Ann spends her free time playing on the Senior LPGA.  Not that much time, however.  If she did play on the tour more, she would not be looking for 58 mulligans after a recent golf event.

According to an ESPN.com article, Walker did not know the new Rule 10.2b was a recent addition to the Rules of Golf earlier this year. The rule is about caddie alignment.  The rule no longer allows caddies to stand behind players as they prepare to hit a shot unless players back away after the caddie is no longer behind them.

Walker originally shot scores of 85 and 74 at the Senior LPGA Championship in French Lick, IN.  She was not made aware of the rule and her violation until the second day.

Walker contacted rule officials and continued to play as they met to confer as to how to penalize the golfer.  Walker, incredibly, remembered each hole she violated the new rule.

She had to add 42 penalty shots to her first round.  Increasing her score from 85 to 127.  Walker added 16 more penalty shots to her second round score of 74, making her second day total an even 90.

"I may have made the Guinness Book of World Records," Walker said.

Her scores were saved for eternity thanks to another new rule.  In the past, if you signed an incorrect scorecard after adding penalty strokes, you would have been disqualified.

"Im glad I went.  I got to see a lot of great friends, it was a great golf course, great event," she said.  "Everything was great except for my penalties."


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