If you go fishing in Missouri, beware of flying carp. This is a real warning thanks to an invasive species that is apparently in need of being removed from Missouri's rivers.

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I saw the Kansas City Star share a story based on a press release by the Missouri Department of Conservation. As soon as I found out that flying carp were involved, I had to know more. Here's the lowdown. They have targeted 15,000 pounds of invasive carp that need to go. There are multitudes of reasons, but one key phrase proves I'm not making up this flying fish tale (no pun intended):

Fish from both species can top 50 pounds. Large silver carp can leap 10 feet into the air when startled by boat motors, which can cause serious injuries to passengers in moving boats and tear up gear.

That's the Missouri Department of Conservations words not mine (although I wish I had thought of it first).  Actually seeing the flying silver carp in action is startling.

While it may sound funny to think of being hit by a flying carp, it's really no laughing matter as I have friends who have had it happen to them and it wasn't a pleasant experience to say the least.

The problem with silver carp lies in the fact that some fisherman use them as bait. That's a no-no as these fish if they get loose will eat food that native fish rely on. That translates into less good fish and more that...ahem...fly.

When I was a young boy, my dad would warn me to be quiet so I wouldn't scare the fish. I had no idea this is what he meant. There goes one good childhood memory out the window. Thanks again, carp.

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