Within Cook County, Illinois lies what isn't considered a treasure of the state. The state's allegedly 'ugliest' town is Riverdale, IL.

It's not like the show, first off, so you won't find any supernatural teen crime drama here. The Chicago suburb village has a population of almost 11,000 (as of the 2020 census) and a quick Google Image search will show you why it gets this recognition from travel.alot.com. It's not a pretty place. As the article points out (and the images show), the village has a lot of run-down, old buildings. Here's what a resident told Niche that appears in the article:

“Housing is terrible. Taxes are too high for what we get out of the city and it is not affordable if you are renting, especially. There is a lot of on-street parking [but] exterior quality is terrible. Now, a lot of the older people are passing away and their homes are being given to… people who don't care... making it even worst than it already is.”

So maybe not so much like the show Riverdale. And in fact, it doesn't have a good grade on Niche.

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Niche gave Riverdale an overall C-, and also a C- in Public Schools, Crime & Safety, and being Good for Families. It got a D+ in Housing and a B in both Nightlife and Diversity.

But of course, Iowa isn't perfect either, it has an ugly town. Here's the link to see which one travel.alot.com named to be the ugliest town in Iowa!

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