Hit a homer. Get a waffle maker. 

I'm not really sure how I missed this before but apparently, Ian Happ has been giving away waffle-related items to teammates since 2018.

This is from a Cubshq.com article from 2019:

Last season, Happ brought a waffle iron into the Cubs' dugout and made it a staple of (the) team's home-run celebrations, as it implied that the pitch taken deep was "waffled."

Totally makes sense and it's a move that I love from the team's Assistant to the Director of Morale, a title assumed by Ian before the season in an announcement he made on Twitter using this video.

The Director of Morale is obviously the DOM. Friend of the show and best follow on Twitter. An absolute must for Cub fans on the Twitter app.

It's nice to see the guys having fun in the dugout because their play on the field is anything but fun right now. They're going through what some would call a "tough offensive" stretch.

They only had one hit against the Brewers Tuesday night in a 4-0 loss. Then it took them until the 7th inning for Ian Happ to break through with a single. Their first one-base knock since Easter.

A lot of heat was put on the Cubs brass when they failed to extend Rizzo, Bryant, Contreras, or Baez before this season. It is admittedly a very small sample size, but the Cubs are picking right up where they left off last season. They made the playoffs in the shortened 60-game season, but their bats simply disappeared for weeks at a time and was the reason they ultimately lost in the playoffs.

Perhaps Jed Hoyer and company knew that investing in some of these players for the long term just wasn't the best business OR baseball decision.

It's a long season and the Cubs are 3-3 on the year. Could be worse, but it also could be considerably better.

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