I wasn't on air yesterday afternoon and I think I have a fairly valid reason why.

Monday morning, around 9:00, after I had just gotten my iced coffee, I was involved in a rollover crash at LeClaire & 3rd St. in downtown Davenport. As in, I was in the car that rolled over a couple of times.

Here's what went down: a driver was at the stop sign at LeClaire St. and I don't think she saw me coming down 3rd when she gassed it and t-boned me on the driver's side, sending me flipping down 3rd like a gymnast.

I Don't Recommend It

When I tell you I thought this was it, I wasn't coming out of this car alive, I mean it. I was so surprised when the rolling stopped and I was still conscious, lying on my left side, staring at my shattered windshield. Then I got trapped in the car and cursed my good windshield for not shattering completely so I could get out.

Now is the time to give a shoutout to Davenport's first responders. The firemen were the first ones there, they were the ones to pry open my trunk and give me an outlet to crawl out of the car. Police and medics arrived next. Per my usual personality, once I realized I wasn't dead and just essentially bleeding out on the curb, I was joking around with the first responders like it was a jolly holiday.

Genesis East Field Trip

I went to Genesis East (got great care there too, by the way, thanks y'all). Ended up with stitches in my left hand (from glass bracing against the driver's window I'm guessing), some gnarly road rash on my left arm, and glass in my foot. Honestly, the bandage on my hand looks kinda badass, like I was in a street fight. We got all of that taken care of and I still cannot believe that God let me literally walk away from this with minor injuries:

Sarah Stringer
Sarah Stringer

And The Aftermath

Among the first order of businesses was a drink. I had to get some pink camo dollar store shoes because my normal flip-flops are MIA after that. My car, my dear Jeep named Rosie, is, unfortunately, the victim of an untimely death. Better her than me. Of course, the other driver's insurance found her to be at fault so my search for a new car is forthcoming. I don't want to lambast the other driver, we all have moments when we're driving that we could be paying more attention than we were. This was just at a really bad time.

So after some jokes, low-key flirting with the doc, a strong drink, Tylenol and Neosporin, I'm on a luckily speedy road to recovery. Yes, I'll still rappel down Hotel Blackhawk in a few weeks for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley.

Scroll down to see the pics of my hospital field trip and how Rosie looked after we crashed. I'll see you guys back on air soon!

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