The NFL announced the 2019 season schedules on Wednesday night and this will soon be a MUST SEE SOCIAL MEDIA event.  Each team released a HYPE video to reveal their schedule.

Some of the videos were OK.  Some were awesome.  Three teams each shared the same videos games theme- Packers, Panthers, Broncos and Jets. Game Of Thrones was the them for the Redskins, Texans and the Falcons

Let's take a look at our regional teams... Bears, Vikings and Packers

The Chicago Bears are celebrating 100 years of the NFL and the went the nostalgic route:

The Green Bay Packers went with a Pac Man video game theme:

The Vikings released their video with Haiku poetry by P.A. on #NationalHaikuDay:

The San Diego Chargers used stock footage.  Literally.  And it can't help but to make you smile:

The Colts went for a more relaxed release.  We give them credit for reading a fax with facts:

Monster Truck fans will love the Baltimore Ravens tweet:

But here is the best of the them all.  The Atlanta Falcons killed it with their GOT themed schedule release.  The best part is at the 40 second mark- trolling their divisional rivals the New Orleans Saints.

The bar has been set for 2020 schedule release and Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals have to do better next year.

I like the Lions but it gets boring:

And the Bengals is just not good.  9 year olds make better Tik Tok videos:

We can't wait for next year's release videos.  Hats off to the NFL!














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