Our radio station has a very creepy basement, and we like to film funny videos down there for different content from time to time, but sometimes someone captures a picture of something weird. I even got a picture of what I thought was a face once. Today we will be looking at three creepy ghost sightings.

The History Of The Building

The building became a radio station in the late 1980s and now has had countless ghost stories. From a lady in white haunting engineers over the years to staff hearing chapel music and singing while no studio was on, to countless footsteps when no one is around. The elevator to the basement was once said to have a male figure looming in it before the doors were nailed shut. I have talked about this building's past before. It has a long a creepy history. It did after all start out as a state-of-the-art funeral home.

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The Newest Sighting

The Newest sighting is of a full figure in a doorway, which could be the biggest figure anyone has captured yet. The guy who took the picture only took it because he heard a sound and knew I liked writing articles about new sightings. He did not wish to be named.

My Sighting

I'll be honest out of the three mines is the least creepy, but at the moment when I took the pic and noticed it while I was still down there freaked me out! Everyone I show the picture to does think something is there though.

Music Video Ghost

The creepiest of the three is the music video ghost. I can make up rational explanations for the other ones, but not this one. You can see the full video here,

Now Let's get into those photos! 

Ghosts Of The Station

Today we will be looking at three ghost sightings, and the spots they were seen at.

These three "Ghosts" could all be the same one or three different ones. Though I still think the Music video ghost is by far the creepiest. As far as we know that was the only figure we ever caught on film, and not just in a picture.

What do you think? Is there a ghost in our studio?

Hotel Davenport Demolition

The Hotel Davenport is located at 5202 Brady St. and was reportedly built in the early 1970s. Earlier this year it was decided that this hotel was no longer set to have guests.

According to the Quad Cities times, the Davenport hotel has faced a number of fires, along with safety and health code violations. This has led to the call for its demolition. I've driven past it many times and have seen that the building had clearly began to deteriorate.

It was scheduled for demolition earlier this year, and said demolition began in April. Many involved in this project are excited to see what the future holds for this lot in Davenport.

I drive past this spot every day for work, and over the last month have snagged some pictures of the demolition.

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