Nearly every day we spend time in our car.  And while we, the radio company, appreciate that because that means you are listening to us, we also realize you might want to spend a bit more time with your family.

Having lived in cities like Dallas and Houston Texas, I'm no stranger to spending hours a day driving to get to work.  Now that my commute time is significantly shorter I'm spending more time with family, and friends and not gas, gas, brake, honk.

You can see below how much time is being spent in your vehicle and how to avoid it.

Shortest Commute Times In America

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In a recent study done by Storial Media, they found which states have the shortest and longest commute times.

While it's not that surprising which ones are which, the extreme difference in time for the shortest and longest is a surprise.

Most people in rural areas aren't spending hours a day stuck in traffic and typically live close to their work.  This is why the top 7 shortest commute times are more rural-based states.

Average Minute One-Way Commute

7 - Iowa - 19.7
6 - Kansas - 19.6
5 - Nebraska - 19.3
4 - Montana - 19.1
3 - Wyoming - 18.3
2 - North Dakota - 17.5
1 - South Dakota - 17.4

No major cities with major gridlock in those states giving people more time out of the car.

Longest Commute Times In America


On the opposite end of the spectrum, these states shouldn't surprise you having the worst one-way commute times.

50 - New York - 31.4
49 - Maryland - 29.3
48 - New Jersey - 28.6
47 - California - 27.6
46 - Massachusetts - 27.5
45 - Georgia - 27.1
44 - Florida - 27.1
43 - Illinois - 26.8

For those of you living in rural Illinois, you probably don't spend nearly that long driving one way for your daily commute.  For those of you stuck in Chicago probably spend much, much, much longer.  Unless you live close to where you work.

Which is the answer to spending less time stuck in your car.  Move.  Yeah, it's that simple.  If you can't leave the windy city, then move closer to where you work in the city.  If you don't have to live in that massive sprawling mega-city, then get out.

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Are there things you'll miss not living in a big city?  Sure.  Mostly I miss the food choices.  But I also missed too much family time living in the big cities.  Going from a 45-minute commute to a 15-minute commute is something I'll never give back.

While you sit in traffic listening to the radio (thank you again) really start thinking if it's worth it and how you can get out of your car and get living.

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