There might be a chance you've been to this place.

The most awkwardly named city in Illinois is definitely this place and by a long shot.

It's such a weird name, it was just listed by Travel Alot as one of the 30 Most Awkwardly Named Cities in the World.

This town is so tiny, and such a small blip on the radar, that there's hardly anyone who lives there.

Located in Macon County, Boody is minuscule. Yep, we've got a small Boody in Illinois. It's in no way shape or form a large Boody.

Niche gives Boody a C+ grade but Travel Alot has other thoughts:

Would you be able to tell people what town you lived in with a straight face? With less than 300 residents, it’s no surprise that this place got so run down. Some people in Boody didn’t even have running water until 2007, and the old elementary school went up for sale as a five-bedroom house.

Sounds to me like you don't want to tell anyone you live in Boody.

On the other hand, it would probably get a fantastic reaction from some people.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Either way, the Boody travel guide on TripAdvisor isn't chock-full of things to do.

It mentions taking a trip to the Scovill Zoo and Hickory Point Golf Course "as things to do" but in all actuality, you'd need to travel eight miles out to Decatur in order to do those things.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Long story short, get out of Boody and get your booty to Decatur for some golf and zoo stuff.

Boody, Illinois is roughly three hours from Rockford. Go on, take the trek to Boody, and after you get there, I guess, go to Decatur?

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