EAST MOLINE: You may have heard about the lock down last week that left parents in a sick worry. The school was locked down due to a possible threat called in from an anonymous caller. They worked to find the location of the caller and after a big scare, parents were reunited with their kids. Some parents crying with the overwhelming situation.

Well, United Township is once again on lockdown. Another call came through reporting possible threats within the school. It looks like the call may have come from out of the country, but school officials say they will take every threat seriously. This seems like it may be a precautionary measure, but it is worth keeping an eye on. We will keep you updated as more news comes out regarding this situation.

The mass hysteria this causes is rightfully so with all the school shootings that have been happening. I couldn't imagine what these parents are going through!

Update: School is back in session. Call was traced back to Germany.

Here is a statement from the school:
"We are coming off soft lockdown at this time. This morning the EMPD received a phone call similar to Friday's call. Due to the investigation from Friday, law enforcement believes the call has come in from otuside the country. As a precaution we will have additional police present(sic) the remainder of the day. We encourage everyone to remain at school for the remainder of the day as we believe we are safe. We will continue on our normal schedule at this time. Staff please be present in the halls during passing. Students please understand as a precaution that we will have limited movement today which means less hall passes."

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