You may have listened to sports radio in your car and thought, 'I know more about sports than this guy!'

You may have sat around a sports bar and talked your favorite teams, major games, and biggest draft busts of all time and probably said, "We should start a podcast!"

You may have listened, called in, been a guest, or left comments on the live stream of our local sports talk radio show, Don't Hassle Us We're Local, and wondered how to have a sports talk show of your own.

Well, now you can.

Thanks to the new social audio app, Locker Room, sports fanatics can host their own shows and listeners can join the conversation.

After you download the app, you can choose your sports interest and what rooms you want to enter.  When you enter a room, the audio turns on and you listen to the conversation.  If you have something to say-- "raise your hand" and if chosen your microphone turns on.

You can even start your own room.  Just pick your topic and press "Go Live".

As you browse through this app and get more acquainted with it, you can start to follow fellow sports fans and choose which commentators to follow.

Listen/watch below to our interview on Thursday during the first hour of Don't Hassle Us We're Local with Locker Room CEO Howard Akumiah as he explains more about the Locker Room app and it's significance in the sports social audio world.  Plus, Howard is a Michigan State alum so he helps us break down Spartans at Iowa Hawkeyes this Saturday.

H/T to Axios Sports

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