If you have been driving around Iowa, you may see a farting deer from time to time.

Those who drove down 380 this summer may have seen what I liked to call "The farting deer." It always gave me a laugh when I saw it. It was cleaned up by either a good Samaritan or someone doing their street cleaning duties.
Yesterday, however, I saw a new "farting deer."

The one I saw this Summer was absolutely hilarious! It honestly was just a goofy addition to a sign warning us about deer crossings.


That deer was cleaned up though. So my laughs were brought to an end. Thankfully that changed yesterday.

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The New Deer

While driving from the Quad Cities to Iowa City the other day I saw another sign with a deer. This one looked less like farting and more like something else though...


Sadly I couldn't get the clearest shot, but that added dark spot on the sign was definitely put there on purpose. Usually, these things come off pretty easy by rain or some cleaning, but it's fun while it lasts!

I'm convinced that there are more of these funny deer signs out there, maybe even in the Quad Cities. If you see one (and can safely get a picture) Please send it to me! I don't know why, but this is my favorite thing ever!

I also understand why someone would clean it as well though. signs like these are important, and help keep us safe, and vigilant. I just think that little cloud helps us notice it a bit better...

Can You Get In Trouble For Doing This?

This is technically vandalism,

Vandalism is defined as criminal mischief under the Iowa Code Section 716.1. The statute states you're guilty of criminal mischief if you damaged, defaced, altered or destroyed another's property intentionally and without consent of the owner.

So before you go and try to jump on this "trend" just remember there could be some very real consequences.

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