The two teams have had wildly different results on the field. Which one has hurt their fans more?

DISCLAIMER: This is being written from the point of view of a Bear fan. A bitter, disappointed, cynical, Bear fan. But a Bear fan none the less.

The Packers season came to a close Sunday evening with a playoff loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was the fourth loss in five trips to the NFC Championship game for Aaron Rodgers.

You might have seen this meme floating around the interwebs Sunday night:

That's right. Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, has as many NFC Championships as Rex (bleeping) Grossman and Tom Brady, who has spent just 1 year in the NFC.

This does not mean that Rex Grossman is as good as these two HOF QBs. It just goes to show how hard it is to win in the NFL, especially when your team doesn't give you weapons to win with. Looking at you Green Bay ownership.

Aaron Rodger's predecessor was pretty good too. Brett Favre was another generational talent playing quarterback in Green Bay. His record of 2-2 in NFC Championship games is only slightly better than Rodger's record of 1-4. The two quarterbacks have combined for only 2 Super Bowl titles, one apiece, in their 30 years as Green Bay quarterbacks.

Now any Bear fan would probably trade their authentic Mike Ditka Bears sweater for just one of those Super Bowl wins but the question is "which fan base has experienced the most disappointment." Well, it's hard to disappoint when there are no expectations.

And that's exactly the frame of mind most Bear fans have been in since the early 90s. I've done this before, but here it is again. Here are the starting QBs for the Bears since Brett Favre took over for the Packers:

  • Jim Harbaugh
  • Peter Tom Willis
  • Will Furrer
  • Steve Walsh
  • Erik Kramer
  • Dave Krieg
  • Rick Mirer
  • Steve Stenstrom
  • Moses Moreno
  • Shane Matthews
  • Jim Miller
  • Chris Chandler
  • Henry Burris
  • Kordell Stewart
  • Rex Grossman
  • Craig Krenzel
  • Chad Hutchinson
  • The Mighty Jonathan Quinn
  • Kyle Orton
  • Brian Griese
  • Jay Cutler
  • Todd Collins
  • Caleb Hanie
  • Josh McCown
  • Jason Campell
  • Jimmy Clausen
  • Matt Barkley
  • Brian Hoyer
  • Mitch Trubisky
  • Mike Glennon
  • Chase Daniel
  • Nick Foles

Puke-city. Population: Bears

It's hard to be disappointed in your team when they give you no hope. It's why the Chicago-Green Bay rivalry has been boring the past 30 years. It's not fun when one side dominates.

I can't imagine a Bear fan having this kind of reaction after losing a playoff game:

I mean I can see a Bear fan acting irrationally after a loss, but this guy is going after Aaron Rodgers with this move. An all-time great. This would be like a Bear fan destroying his Devin Hester jersey after they lost to the Colts in the Super Bowl. You might be disappointed but it ain't the dude's fault that's on the back of your jersey.

Now reports are flying around the league that Rodgers might be done in Green Bay. There are also reports that the Bears can't hire any assistant coaches this offseason because no one wants to come work for a sinking ship.

I truly believe that Packer fans have experienced much more disappointment than Bear fans since 1992. I'm just hoping that one day the Bears can disappoint me too.

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