I'd like to know: Why do you play the lottery?

Is it your get rich quick scheme? Is it your hail marry shot at paying your bills on time? Or are you just a gambler? Also, when do you play? When the jackpots are huge like this weekend? Or at times when the jackpots are smaller and guys like me don't bother buying tickets?

For me buying a lottery ticket is my ticket to dream. More than once my wife Kathy and I have spent part of an evening talking about what we'd do if we won. What cars we'd buy. What house we'd build. What good we could do with the cash. When I think of those conversations and these dreams I smile and feel good. That's why I plunk my two bucks down for a ticket. Tell me why you play below!

Good luck playing this weekend. Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is $450 Million. Tomorrow's Powerball jackpot is $570 Million. Good luck!

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