The fantasy football season is weeks away.  We know, we know- you are really excited.  We just want to remind you of how bored you were of your fantasy football league by Week 12 of the season last year.

You know.  The season was the same as every year.  Same snake draft you did at home.  Same messages left by your commissioner about league fees that needed to be paid.  Same guys refusing to trade with you or EVEN WORSE not answering your trade offers.

It is time to shake things up a bit.  Make this year the best year of fantasy football you league has ever had:

Make your draft a "must attend in person" event.

Online is convenient but nothing is better than in person with your league.  We suggest scheduling your draft at Daisy Dooks in Davenport.  Daisy Dooks can help your fantasy football draft by adding some fun by having one of our gorgeous girls place your picks on the board. Plus, between Rounds 5-6 and Rounds 10-11, the performers will dance for a 3 song set while you continue to prep for the rest of your draft. Pay the cover charge, bring in your own drinks, pay the cover charge and stick around after the draft for "talk about how good your team is"



Change your draft to an auction style draft

Auction leagues are the best fantasy football leagues out there.  Period.  YOU get to create your team- don't have to wait to see what is available after round of picks.  YOU are in control.  Snake drafts are archaic and anyone who says otherwise is dumb.

Auction leagues work virtually the same as standard leagues except for the way in which players are drafted. Instead of each team taking its turn to draft a player, each team will take turns nominating a player to be bid on.

In standard auction leagues teams will have a fixed draft budget, starting at 200 points. In many cases these points are assigned a monetary value, and the draft is essentially conducted like a real auction.

Generally each team is restricted to a maximum bid for an individual player. The maximum bid is determined by taking each team’s remaining budget and subtracting the number of empty slots available on each roster.

In other words, if you have 15 roster spots and 200 draft points available and you bid 41 points on Adrian Peterson in the first round and win the bid, you will have 14 roster spots and 159 available points, making your next maximum bid 145.



Make the loser of your draft do some sort of punishment.  The best league we are involved in has the winner kicking out a GM for the season at the draft.  The person does not know until the start of the draft that they are gone.  There are so many punishments you can do: tattoos, piercings, public emabarrassment, use your imagination! It keeps people paying attention to their team throughout the season.


Try a Vampire League.  Twelve team ppr league, one team is the vampire.

How it works.
11 teams snake draft like normal, while the vampire team does not. Once the draft is complete the vampire makes a team out of the remainders on the waiver wire.
The catch: The 11 teams that drafted can neither trade nor pick up from waivers.
If the vampire team beats another team, he gets to trade one of his starters for one of the other teams starters...and you have no say in who (Like positions)


Start a Best Ball League. 

Best ball is an increasingly popular type of Fantasy Sports game loosely based on the golf scoring format of the same name. Simply put, Best Ball is a simplified version of fantasy football that removes the week-to-week roster management for a streamlined experience.

Things still start with what is the favorite day of the season for many fantasy players: The draft. After you draft a 20-player team (the same way you would in a typical season-long fantasy team — minus kickers), you’ve completed the biggest, most important part of Best Ball.

That means no waiver pickups and no trades; forget about scrambling for a bye week replacement or sweating over who to start each week. The reason why Best Ball is so popular is that you don’t have to worry about the tough decisions of season-long formats while still enjoying all fantasy has to offer.

You draft and then you let your team work. But now that you’ve built your roster (and you won’t want to have just one Best Ball team when it’s that easy, now do you?), how does scoring work and how is a league champion crowned?

How do you play?

  1. Your best lineup will be calculated for you each week. What does that mean? Well ...
  2. The highest scorers at each position (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 Defense/Special Teams) will make up your lineup automatically.
  3. Again, you don’t have to make ANY roster moves and due to that ...
  4. This is where roster construction during the draft comes into play. You have to balance depth and upside to give yourself the best chance to rack up points on a weekly basis since your lineup is automatically built for you.
  5. Default scoring is half-point-per-reception. Yahoo Best Ball is a points league with no playoffs.
  6. Your point total is a running tally with the highest-scoring team winning the league at the end of the season, which is Week 16.

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