After a short hibernation, the Chicago Bears are back on the radio in the Quad Cities!

Every touchdown and tackle will be heard on ESPN 1170 AM and 104.1 FM with the play-by-play coming from the hosts you know on the Chicago Bears Radio Network.

That's not all, ESPN 1170 AM and 104.1 FM is your home for the NFL all season long!  Check out the schedule and details below.

Chicago Bears Radio Network

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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The Bears Radio network will feature every preseason game, all regular season games, and post-season games as well.

With Jeff Joniak on the play-by-play, Tom Thayer on the color, and Jason Mckie on the sideline Bears fans in the Quad Cities can expect to get the most inside details during every game.

But it's not just the game that you can enjoy, it's before and after the game as well.

The pregame will start 2 hours before kickoff with Marc Silverman, Lance Briggs, and Dionne Miller.  Then stick around after the game with John Jurkovic and Peggy Kusinski as they break it all down.

The Chicago Bears 2023 Regular Season Schedule

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears

Not only will you be able to hear all those Chicago Bear games on ESPN 1170 AM and 104.1 FM, but you'll also be able to hear every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night game (when no Bears conflict) plus the playoffs and Super Bowl LVIII.

Chicago Bears football is back in the Quad Cities thanks to:

  • Weber Auto Group
  • Cork & Brews
  • Quad City Towing
  • XPAC
  • Kathy Sue’s Gaming Café
  • G&G Retailers
  • Wheelan Pressly Funeral Home & Crematorium

The Quad Cities Sports Leader and your home of the Chicago Bears is ESPN 1170 AM and 104.1 FM!

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