Remember when it wouldn't stop raining and it seemed like it would never warm up. Of course Mother Nature has a way of saying "be careful what you wished for".

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Watch from Wednesday night (July 17) through Saturday July 20.  The heat and humidity will push the heat index from 100-110 degrees for 4 straight days.

The NWS stresses heat precautions such as avoiding spending long stretches of time outdoors during the day. Less strenuous physical activity outdoors.  And of course stay hydrated.

Also be sure to check on any elderly who may not have A/C and have a harder time getting around during these type of conditions.

Don't forget about the pets during the heat as well.  Be sure they are outside less.  In shade if needing to be outside and just like us humans, stay hydrated.

The Quad Cities made it through the arctic blast and the spring floods.  Now it's time to make it through the July excessive heat.  Take care of yourself and your neighbors and we'll all be safe and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us next.

For more information on the heat wave stay tuned to our partners at Local 4 News.

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