You can help Quad City kids who are in a domestic violence shelter or safe house have a little bit more normal Christmas by donating to the Davenport Police Association's toy drive.  The Quad City Times reports the 15th annual toy drive is this weekend at North Park Mall.

The Association is looking for new unwrapped toys and cash donations that will guarantee children in the shelters receive a present for Christmas. Davenport Police Sgt. Eric Gruenhagen, president of the Davenport Police Association, tells the Quad City Times that many of the children in shelters and safe houses wouldn't get any kind of gift for Christmas without the assistance of Family Resources and the Davenport Police Association.

I know there's many great charities that need our help around Christmas and all throughout the year. I'm compelled to share this opportunity with you because these kids are some of our most vulnerable. Also I want to highlight the positive contributions officers make to our community. I think many of us are aware that officers protect us and keep our communities safe, but I'm not sure we take the time to realize all the good things they do outside of the job.

You can learn more about the toy drive and the Davenport Police Association by checking out their Facebook page here. I urge you to stop and donate a toy. Also to share a laugh or a smile with one of the officers helping out.


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