While the new I-74 River Bridge is fully open to traffic, crews are still adding some final touches like lights, signs, and other needed features. Construction crews for the new I-74 River Bridge will be adding a new sign truss in Bettendorf which will require them to briefly close down the interstate to get that done. Luckily, it will be a very, very short closure.

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On Monday, officials from the new I-74 River Bridge announced that the interstate near the bridge on the Iowa side will be closed Wednesday night.

Officials say that on Wednesday, April 6, westbound (Iowa-bound) I-74 will have multiple lane closures. Then, at about 12 a.m. Wednesday night into Thursday morning, I-74 will be fully closed. The closure will be between Grant St/US 67 and Middle Rd. The interstate should only be closed going westbound for approximately 20 minutes.

The reason for the closure of Iowa-bound I-74 Wednesday night is to allow contractors to install a sign truss.


While typically officials would give you a detour to avoid the closure of an entire direction of I-74, officials are telling motorists they can simply wait.

In their statement, I-74 River Bridge officials say that during the brief overnight closure, the Iowa-bound bridge will remain open. However, traffic will be stopped at the Grant St/US 67 exit.

Motorists heading westbound on I-74 have two options when this happens:

  1. Since the closure is only 20 minutes, motorists may wait the 20 minutes and resume travel,
  2. Or motorists may exit at Grant St/US 67.

Officials say that the westbound on-ramp at Grant St/US 67 will be closed and motorists should slow down and watch for changing traffic patterns.

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