If you've been wanting to take up fishing, there has apparently never been a better time to cast your line.

There have been all sorts of items feeling shortages during the pandemic. Moneytalks looked at some of them, including toilet paper, aluminum, and even coffee. But two types of items have been flying out of stores because of a new interest in finding recreational activities: fishing poles.

You'll notice that list includes boats, as more folks look for increased recreational opportunities. According to a report from KCRG, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the pandemic has reeled in more people with an interest in fishing.

Whether it's because they're running out of things to do and looking for a new hobby, or an opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air, resident fishing licenses increased 38 percent in 2020, with 320,000 sold.

An interactive map, seen below from the Iowa DNR and Fish Local shows all the places fishing enthusiasts are able to throw their line. People are loving the chance to go fishing close to home as the DNR expands those opportunities and plus, the money you spend on a fishing license stays in Iowa, to fund fishing management, stocking and research.

The list of types of fishing licenses available in Iowa and their cost are available here. You can buy anything from a 7-day pass for $15 to an "Anglers' Special" 3-year fishing license for $62. There are also free fishing weekends throughout the year through the DNR to spark new interest in the pastime.

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