It's easy to say... "I don't have enough time in the day," or "It don't have the time or means to prepare for such a thing."  But in reality it's all about making time to challenge yourself and find what rewards you intrinsically to reach any goal that you set for your self.

John Byrne, Bettendorf, is a great role model for all of us to set individual goals and to accomplish them.

mt massive

"I'm not ready to get old yet."

John, a professor at St. Ambrose for over 30 years, decided to set new goals for himself at the age of 40. That was 15 years ago. Although he was never a runner, he choose to train and run the Leadville Ultra Marathon-- a 24 hour run that is 100 miles and reaches heights that are sometimes 2 miles above sea level.

John first ran the race in 2005 and set his goal to finish the race-- he accomplished that.

Leadville 2018 finish line

In 2012, John raced and raised $10,000 for "Cheering For Charley"-- a local girl having to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of cancer.

climbing sugarloaf

John did not stop there.  He raised money again in 2016 for Navy Seals Family Foundations and for HAVLife.

This year, John is running the Leadville for Autism Speaks.  A charity that is close to his family.  He has already raised his initial $10,000 goal.  But if you know John-- he is not stopping there.

John will be raising money for his charity on Thursday, May 20th at Pints in Davenport from 6-9.  All of his tips will go towards the cause he has chosen to run for this year.

Please listen to John's interview on "Don't Hassle Us We're Local"

"Wow.  If I can do that.  What else can I do?"

That is what John asked himself after his first Leadville.  Do you know what he did?  I'll tell you...

  • Finished and Iron Man Triathalon
  • Completed a 5 minute mile
  • Benched pressed 300 pounds
  • Completed the burpee mile
  • 100 consecutive push ups
  • Made 100 straight free throws

John's story is so cool and unique.  We can all be inspired by him  Please stop by this Thursday and give him more encouragement (like he needs it) to accomplish this incredible feat.



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