We might be inching closer to Fall, but that doesn't mean construction season is over just yet! Although, let's be honest, does it ever really end in the Midwest? Here's the big one this week!

The Government Bridge will be closed all day on Friday, August 16. According to KWQC, the bridge is being closed for repairs by the Rock Island Arsenal Directorate of Public Works. The closure will officially go into effect at 8 a.m., which means many morning commutes will be affected.

The good news is, the drive home should be a little less of a headache! The closure is set to end at 2 p.m. Of course, that will depend on how Mother Nature is feeling and what she's doing with the weather.

The bridge will be open to pedestrians though, if you're looking for a daytime walk! Officials say barricades will be put up, along with posted signage. In short, it's probably easier just to find another route for your Friday.

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