One year ago Lucas Lacina got his first wrestling win.  On Monday, Lucas got another wrestling victory for his West Branch Middle School wrestling team.

Lucas has cerebral palsy.  In 2010, he took his first steps.  Lucas's family encourage him to join a school sanctioned sport and thought wrestling would help with his strength and conditioning.  Lucas was also made manager of the team.

Last year, Lucas's coaches encouraged him to participate in a match and with the kind heart of Mid Prairie's Dalton Miller, Lucas won.

This year, Lucas was eager for the HOME quad meet between Lucas's West Branch, Mid Prairie, Monticello, and Anamosa.

Anamosa's head wrestling coach, Ron Timp, talked with his young wrestler, Austin Scranton, about Lucas's love for wrestling and his dream to win a live wrestling match in his home gym.

Coach Timp talked with Austin about how he may have to help Lucas complete some of his moves. Austin was excited to help, and did a terrific job of helping him realize his dream.

The two 7th graders squared off in the last match of the night and the gym was rocking.

The video of the match between these two gladiators even made it to ESPN!

Even The Rock Tweeted about it!

These two young men are perfect examples of never giving up and putting others before yourself.  These two men are great ambassadors for the sport of wrestling.  Nice job, gentlemen.


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