The Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals both lead their Major League Baseball divisions and they played each other Monday night and Tueadsy night.  They will end the series today starting with a 1:10 first pitch at the White Sox Guranteed Rate Field.

The main story line going into the series was the similar records, the shared history of Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa, and last week's dumb comments by Tony LaRussa.

Major League Baseball had a big story line for the past 10 days, as well.  A return to fans to the ballpark.  What should be considered a time of hot dogs, cold beers, high fives, and celebratory hugs turned into an all out brawl on Monday night between two female Chicago White Sox fans.

This is the fourth fight to break out in stands at Major League Baseball games this season.  A Padres fan knocked out a Rockies fan earlier this year and there were two fights in the Dodgers stands this year.

I am just as excited as anyone to get back into the baseball stadiums but not with a price of a possible fat lip.  These two women meant business.  Do you think they were arguing over whether TLR should have kept his mouth shut about Yermin Mercedes??? I would like to think so.

Here are some other videos and pictures of the "disagreement"...

Have fun out there baseball fans.  But not too much fun.  Remember that there are young MLB fans attending their first MLB games and we don't want them to think that this is normal activity.



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