Football season is back and it's time to get in shape for another year.  That means plenty of reading stats, thumb flexes for fast moves and trades, and of course work on that smack talk.

We're talking fantasy football.  Now it's time to put all your skills (and luck) to the test in this celebrity fantasy football league that is also raising money for a great cause.

For Fantasy Sake


Will you be cheering for your team...or your team that you actually manage every single day while you should be working instead.

Established in 2019, For Fantasy Sake QC is not your run-of-the-mill fantasy football show. Their weekly podcast gives you in-depth fantasy knowledge while former sports writers DJ, Doug, and Chris talk sports, make fun of each other, and try and pass out some advice.

Fantasy Tournament For A Great Cause


Cause we know you like to sit on the couch and watch all the games, this can make you feel better about it since it's helping out Toys for Tots.

For Fantasy Sake QC is gearing up for the second season of leagues as once again they will raise money for Toys for Tots with the goal to surpass last year’s amount raised of $1,000.

Participants are asked to donate $25 to pick their top three celebrities to play fantasy football against. The “grand champion” of the leagues will win a prize package that includes a trophy and two passes to golf at Deere Run in Silvis, Ill.

Celebrities for this year include:

  • Former Minor League baseball player and Moline graduate Matt Brill
  • MLB Free Agent and Alleman graduate Cody Sedlock
  • Kansas City Royal Minor Leaguer and Central DeWitt graduate TJ Sikkema
  • Quad City Steamwheeler and Alleman graduate Nathan Sheets
  • WQAD’s Kory Kuffler
  • KWQC’s Kyle Dickens
  • Three-time defending softball state champion coach Rockridge’s Joh Nelson
  • Defending basketball state champion coach Sean Taylor
  • WRMJ’s Ty Taylor
  • WHBF/Hawkeye Headquarters’ Blake Hornstein and Ryan Jaster
  • For Fantasy Sake founders and hosts Doug Green and DJ Jarvis

To sign up, visit them on Facebook.

For questions, reach out at

The deadline to sign up is August 20th

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