Thursday morning, those who cover Iowa sports got an email in their in box that they have been waiting on since June 7th.  On June 7th, Iowa Director of Athletics Gary Barta announced that the University of Iowa had hired Kansas City based law firm Husch Blackwell to conduct an independent review of the football culture at the University of Iowa.

You can read the full report HERE.

Today on the Quad Cities ONLY sports talk radio show, ESPN 1170AM's "Don't Hassle Us Were Local" we broke down the report during the first hour of the show.

There were plenty of take aways from the report.

  1. 4 coaches were named by current and former players, why weren't they named in the report?
  2. What did the report say that head coach Kirk Ferentz do wrong?
  3. Was Chris Doyle the scapegoat for ALL problems in the Iowa coaching staff?
  4. Will there be anymore terminations in the Iowa coaching staff?
  5. There is a very strong comment that on air we said gave us strong pause.... what did that comment mean?

We can give you some of the answers to these questions by using the video of the press conference that was held on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Director of Athletics Gary Barta talking about the possibility of any future parting of ways with any Iowa football coaches
  • DHUWL host, Jay Foster, said that he felt head coach Ferentz was to blame for two things... not keeping to #1 of the "Iowa Way" mode of operation- "EARN A DEGREE" and for not following up on the 2018-2019 Diversity Task Force findings that were presented to him by players.  Coach Ferentz addressed the Task Force at the conference.
  • Coach Ferentz addressed the "scapegoat" of Chris Doyle.
  • Director of Athletics talked about moving forward with the Iowa staff.
    • The worst thing we read and needs to be addressed immediately was "... a player recalled a coach telling the freshmen players that they needed to “get on a boat and sail away from their old lives” to be successful in the program." Coach Ferentz addressed this as well.

We still don't know who the four coaches that were named in the report.  We do know that things do look like they are getting better for the University of Iowa football program.

Hope the Iowa team and the Iowa football fan base can move forward in a positive direction.

Also hope we actually get to see Iowa play football this Fall.

If you would like to watch the entire press conference you can do it here:




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