Jason Mason is a Iowa Hawkeye football season ticket holder.  When he first took his son, Matthew, to an Iowa football game 2 years ago, although he hoped Matthew would be a Hawk fan, he did not know Matthew would become so passionate about the Hawks.

"I didn't think he would make it through the first game but he did," Jason said, "So we brought him back.  He even sat through the cold games."

At the beginning of the 2019 Iowa Hawkeye season opener against Miami (OH), the University of Iowa showed the Hawkeye Stadium Kinnick Football Intro starring George Kittle on the Jumbo Tron in the South end zone.

Matthew told his father, "Dad, we've got to make that!"

Jason has made videos before for YouTube and some of them have had his family in the videos.  He did not know it was going to blow up like this.  "Most of my videos have maybe 30-50 views."

Matthew and Jason sat down together and made a script (loosely based on George Kittle's hype video), chose what clips to use, and worked on editing together.

Matthew is pumped that George Kittle has given his video a 4 fire emoji on Twitter and that Akrum Wadley had liked his video, as well.  Plus, his teacher showed the "hype video" to his class and now he has the nickname "Mini Kittle".

So here is the video.  Let's get Matthew up on the JumboTron in Kinnick, too!!!

That kid is awesome!  So is his Dad, Jason!  Really happy to see them put together something so cool.

We will talk with Jason Mason tomorrow (11/20) on ESPN 1170 AM on Don't Hassle Us We're Local at 12:20 about the video.

They may no longer award the B1G Fan of the Year Award but we are going to crown Matthew the FOY anyway!



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